The globalization over the internet and digitization has increased the need for dedicated M2M SIM cards for IoT solutions and products.

Why M2M SIM cards are more popular and favorable?

M2M SIM cards are specifically designed and tailor-made to suit the specific requirements for the IoT solutions and services, common SIM cards will not be able to offer the same functionalities as M2M SIM cards.

M2M SIM cards are cheaper, affordable, and cost-effective. They work on multiple networks, so if by any chance one network shuts down or facing downtime, the SIM shifts itself automatically on the best possible available network providing uninterrupted connectivity. They are scalable,  durable, and can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

These SIM cards offer 2G, 3G, 4G, GPRS connectivity and they can be managed with a special M2M platform API. M2M SIMs offers data aggregation across your SIM fleet enabling flexibility.

The specialty of M2M SIM cards

  • SIM card management – The fleet of your SIM cards can be easily managed by M2M SIM card management ability. There are different platforms for different business requirements. These platforms manage all SIM and Data related activities.
  • Remote access – Many businesses need to fulfill remote monitoring requirements. If you want remote access, you should have a fixed IP. Many M2M SIM providers offer SIMs equipped with fixed IP addresses. This can help the business in the aspect of data security
  • Multi-network feasibility – As aforementioned, if by chance the network operator your SIM is operating on becomes unavailable for some time due to technical difficulties, it can risk shutting down your device. M2M SIMs can operate on multi-SIM networks. Meaning, if one network shuts down due to any reason or unable to work due to a weak signal, the SIM cards automatically switch to another available network operator with a better signal, providing the roaming ability.

Choosing an M2M SIM car provider can be a tough task considering it does not revolve around only connectivity. While choosing the vendor you have to consider points like,

  • Durability
  • Scalability
  • Operating temperature
  • Data retention
  • Flexibility

Choose Lyra as your connectivity partner

For every type of business regardless of its infrastructure, Lyra has a connectivity plan for it. Lyra offers seamless, secure, and reliable M2M connectivity solutions.

Lyra offered M2M services – 

Lyra SIM card management – This online management portal is a 100% web-based application that provides SIM card management including suspension, activation and deactivation, cancelation, and other management options. It has a user-friendly interface and it offers a real-time database. Lyra SIM card management also enables full access to information like radius, messages, events, and other SIM properties.

Lyra NACLyra NAC is a highly secure server. It enables secure digital transactions by offering a secure and skilled multi-protocol gateway. Lyra has two data centers for NAC redundancy ensuring uninterrupted services. It uses dual authentication, multi-dynamic routes. Lyra NAC makes sure that the transaction is secured by providing confidentiality between acquirers.

Lyra’s Remote Radius – Lyra’s Remote Radius protects the SIM from unauthorized use. It has a secure blocking function and the flexibility to define usernames and passwords. One of the main features of the remote radius is it can operate even without the reference database.

With these services, Lyra offers flawless and uninterrupted connectivity between IoTs. Lyra offers an intelligent portal for real-time troubleshooting. Not only this portal integrate flawlessly with your business infrastructure it also offers a user-friendly dashboard. This dashboard can be used to manage and operate services like activation, deactivation, replacement, etc.

Along with 24/7 support, Lyra also offers a diagnostic tool to identify and resolve issues