How to accept online payments with just one message? Use Lyra’s WhatsApp Payment Solution!

WhatsApp has become an excellent platform for many companies to showcase, promote and increase their sales through messaging networks however now it is possible to accept online payments from your customers by sending a link through WhatsApp.

With Lyra’s WhatsApp Payment solution, merchants can create a payment link via WhatsApp without leaving the app, share it with customers via WhatsApp or any other messaging application and accept online payments seamlessly turning WhatsApp into a virtual POS.

With a direct partnership for payments with WhatsApp finally Lyra offers a simple yet innovative solution that uses WhatsApp Messenger to collect digital payments.

This feature reduces the time taken to complete the end-to-end process for both merchants and customers.

The customer will get a personalized user experience using WhatsApp for payments, which will align with the evolution of mobile-based consumer behavior.

In this era of social media, Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution can be used by E-Commerce sites, as a white label for banks and as a payment solution for both large as well as smaller businesses.

Lyra’s WhatsApp Payment Solution

The solution is backed by Lyra’s payment gateway which is considered one of the most secured payment gateways here are the benefits of using the solution,

For merchants, the WhatsApp payment solution acts as a direct payment method. It can be used as face-to-face and for non-face-to-face payment collection in real-time.

WhatsApp Payment Solution doesn’t need any third-party application as the whole transaction cycle happens with the app.

The whole transaction process is secure, as the payment solution is PCI DSS compliant. It also renders the need for a POS machine as the solution acts as a virtual POS.

It is also necessary to provide customers with a seamless transaction experience.

With the WhatsApp Payment Solution, you can offer your customers a frictionless user experience.

It is the spot payment method and it does not require customers’ personal as well as financial details like an IFSC code, to complete the payment.

Lyra offers multiple payment options to make payments to choose from. Lyra also provides merchants with day-to-day transaction reports with the dashboard for a clearer overview.  An interesting feature of this solution is merchants can customize the messages and can also send bulk payment orders.

WhatsApp Payment Solution works in four simple steps,

  • Create the payment order
  • Create the payment link
  • Finalization of payment
  • Confirmation of payment
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