M2M sim cards – seamless communication for IoTs

Technology has reshaped our living and became an essential part of our life.

Some technologies are already deeply rooted in the business transforming them by providing insight, intelligence, and innovation.

Two such technologies are IoT and M2M. Internet of Things and Machine to Machine communication has helped businesses to interact with other devices and machines enhancing the business ecosystem by allowing businesses to make better, and faster decisions.

They have already become indispensable in many areas like smart homes, commuting, health, fitness, shopping, city infrastructure, online payments, etc.

The one thing IoT heavily relies on is connectivity, meaning, to use IoT you have to connect it and connect to it.

This can be done via mobile SIMs, landlines, or broadbands. But the best form of connectivity comes in the form of M2M SIMs.

So, here is everything you need to know about M2M sim cards, but before diving into M2M SIM cards let’s start with the basics of M2M.

So, what is M2M?

M2M or Machine 2 Machine is the foundation or core of the Internet of Things. It refers to the direct interchanging of information between any 2 devices, more specifically machines.

The communication happens via any wired or wireless channel and without any manual involvement.

M2M communication is also known as non-human communication. The main goal of M2M is to increase precision and productivity.

M2M applications vary from home appliances, manufacturing, healthcare to business infrastructure, global connectivity, etc.

What is an M2M SIM card?

M2M SIM card offers SMS and voice communication to communicate with other devices along with internet-enabled systems.

It has an interchangeable protocol used for data exchange. M2M SIM can be embedded into the device which later can be configured with the business’s server.

With the SIM management platform, you can manage SIM cards and monitor data.

What’s the difference between a standard sim card and an M2M sim card?

Standard sim cards are used for general communication, while M2M as the acronym suggests for the machine to machine communication.

M2M cards also provide remote working solutions.

M2M sims are built more robust than the standard sim cards as they are often used for industrial and remote environments.

Compared to standard sim cards, they can withstand much higher or lower temperatures. They are corrosion-resistant and can tolerate vibrations.

While standard sim cards are stuck with a single provider, M2M sim cards are designed to be used with multiple providers. As long as there is enough signal, M2M can be used with multiple networks

Unlike standard sim cards, M2M cards can also be used for raw data transmission.

The only similarity (that also on a minor level) between M2M and standard sims basic infrastructure, the functionality, and operation is completely different.

Types of M2M SIM cards

Based on functionality, size, and roaming M2M cards are differentiated as following

M2M SIM cards

Are M2M sims secure?

M2M cards are specifically designed for data transmission so security can be considered a crucial issue.

If you opt for cheap M2M, them connecting with open internet can cause security issues. M2M sims are vulnerable to hacking or tampering.

You have to choose a sim provider that offers security strategies, authorized data access, secure data transfer, private APN, and VPN.

Why M2M SIM cards are better?

One of the strengths of M2M sims is their connectivity. They are made to use with multiple providers.

As they are not connected to the specific or single carrier, if the connectivity of one carrier drops during communication (or more specifically data transfer) it can catch the signal from other available carriers.

As M2M sims mainly deal with data communications, you have to have control over your data. With M2M sims, you can manage the data in real-time.

Some sim providers also offer a portal to observe, analyze and manage the SIM connectivity as well as data integrated within your business infrastructure.

M2M SIM cards are durable, they can last for years and can withstand harsh and remote environments.

M2M SIMs versatile, flexible and are highly compatible with most IoT devices.

LYRA M2M –  Seamless communication between IoTs

Lyra offers M2M components with a secure and reliable network to connect all types of POS terminals.

Lyra’s intelligent sim card management portal can be used to monitor, supervise, analyze and manage your whole fleet of M2M fleet.

With the redundant and dedicated setup, Lyra offers multi routing features and end-to-end secured connectivity. Lyra M2M integrates perfectly and easily with your business infrastructure.


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