Making online payment processing easy for customers

As a merchant or a business owner, one can not stress enough about the benefits of accepting digital payments.

With the numerous advantages, simplicity, and convenience, accepting online payments is becoming a necessity.

And with accepting online payment comes choosing a correct online payment processing solution for your business.

This can be a crucial task, considering the business module, business requirements, choosing the right fit can be tricky.

Here is your guide for choosing a tailor-made online payment processing solution for your business.

Guide to Choose the Best Online Payment Solution for Your Business

Every business has different long and short-term needs. Choosing the right online payment solution that supports those unique needs can be...


But one of the most important aspects of this is indeed the convenience of customers.


Here is why. The customer is the king and always will be.

If the customer is not happy with the payment processing be it interface or payment methods or anything else, he/she may move on to the next merchant or webshop.

This can result in cart abandonment and loss of sales. This can also put the business in negative reviews lowering brand loyalty and in turn revenue.

So, as a merchant, you have to consider the comfort level of customers.

Here are some points you have to consider to make online payment processing easy for customers.  

Checkout page

If you have a website or an online shop, a check-out page stands as one of the other things where the window shoppers can turn in customers.

The first impression of your checkout page and the transitions that follow can turn first-time customers into returnees. 

Payment methods 

Nowadays there are various online payment methods, it is not limited to just net banking or card payments.

Customers have taken a liking to the new age payment methods and prefer to use them while purchasing.

They expect a variety of payment options at the checkout page. The merchant has to keep this in mind to choose a handful of payment methods by doing customer analysis, considering the requirement of target customers and current trends.

For example, currently, mobile wallets are in trend and customers are happy to use them for almost everything.

If the customer who prefers payment by mobile wallet doesn’t see the option available for online payment, he/ she may abandon the cart and move on to the next webshop.


It often happens that after the checkout page, customers get redirected to multiple sites, multiple times.

You have successfully driven them to your website, so why drive them away?

more redirecting results in more reloading of pages and at some point customers may get bored with the whole ordeal and may redirect themselves to the other shop or site.


Customers don’t want to fill long forms and details, they are on-site for shopping, let them shop! Making customers enter more than enough information will drive them away from the webshop and may make them suspicious.

You have to take this into consideration and make them fill in only essential information.


As a merchant, you know that you have to provide a secure solution that provides customer data safety.

But it is also important to reassure your customers that you provide a secure solution and they can trust their information while making a payment online. 

Payments without account

Customers have a load of usernames and passwords to remember. So, asking them for an account before purchasing an item can create a wall.

Customers don’t understand why do they need an account to make a purchase and frankly, many of them want to continue as a guest.

So, allowing them to make a purchase without creating an account may be easy and convenient for them. 

A user-friendly interface

We live in the digital era. Everyone is using apps and websites as we are navigating through life.

And what is the first thing we notice while browsing online or using apps? The user interface! Clients want a simple user interface with which they can coordinate smoothly.

With a more simple and interactive interface, customers can make online payments without being confused.

Accessible and hassle-free payment page

There are lots of smaller things that you or a developer should take into consideration while building a checkout page or a payment processing page.

It is but natural that some things might slip away. In such a case, you have to make sure that the platform you have built is easy to deal with, and these errors can be fixed easily.

Speaking of errors, customers may also partake while entering information or choosing a payment method.

For example, entering misspelled email id, etc. in this case the payment processing page should point out the error and convey to the customer to fix it.

This message should be clearly visible and it should come with the reason ‘why the payment is not processing’.  

All in all, we can say that to make online payment processing easy on the customers, you have to make sure to not leave them guessing as to what to do next.

Making an online payment is the last step of the online shopping experience and for that customers need clear actions or direction of what to do next.

WIth providing simple and easy-to-spot direction it will be a fairly easy task. 

Making online payment processing easy for customers can be achieved by considering these simple points and reassuring customers that their data is safe with the security standards you have integrated into your payment processing platform. 

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