Is your POS network supporting your business?

In the retail business, communication with each Chanel i.e. inventory, sales, customer data, etc. is very important.

Be it offline or online management, there should be a system that can minimize human error and maximizes efficiency.

This system is none other than POS or Point Of Sale.

From a customer’s point of view it is just a bulky machine at the checkout where the staff scans the barcode off of the thing enters some numbers on the machine, then requests us to make a payment and after the procedure hands us the bill that came out of that machine.

But for a retail or eCommerce merchant, it is much more than that.

Learn everything about POS

As technology is advancing, merchants are getting more concerned about integrating digital payments in the payment acceptance infrastructure.

As more and more devices started to connect to the payment system, merchants and stores need to update their POS and manage network infrastructure. So, the question needs to be asked, ‘is your POS network supporting your business?’

Here are some things to look out for –

Backup connection –  You have to make sure to create and use a secondary or backup internet connection for uninterrupted internet connectivity for your POS.

And it is inevitable to choose a backup network with a different carrier. Regular and periodic testing should be done so, that when your primary network, DSL, or connection fails, the connectivity can be maintained through the backup network.

Monitoring network – Maintaining network connection is important, but so is speed. Though an uninterrupted network connection seems achievable through the backup network, the POS system can still crash or slow down.

Monitoring POS regularly ensures consistency and it can detect the network issues at the early stages.

Managing access points – As aforementioned, advanced technology has increased the number of devices at the payment terminals making it inevitable to have multiple access points.

So, it is important to manage the access points si that the store would have adequate coverage for wireless as well as wired devices.

When it comes to managing a POS network, all things orbit around the common point i.e. POS connectivity.

What are the POS connectivity challenges?

POS is no longer just a payment processing tool, it is now a combination of payment processing, invoicing, inventory management, supply chain, and database management, etc. so, to cope with each and every demand,  and to provide a real-time, secure, and fast transactions it is necessary to use high speed, uninterrupted IoT connectivity.

The best optimized POS solution for payment terminals – 

When it comes to global and optimized connectivity for POS terminals, Lyra is one of the best payment processing partners in India.

With a specifically tailored and customized access tool Lyra helps businesses in pos management and secure transfer of payments.

LYRA POS Solution

  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Robust SSL/TLS 1.2 encrypted communication channel
  • Full autonomy of authentication platforms
  • Quick installation
  • Real-time online transaction and status monitoring
  • Addition to standardized TLE encryption
  • Selects the telecom operator based on the network strength
  • Region/location wise grouping/segregation of the sim cards
  • Secure & dedicated common private APN
  • Dual Authentication platform
  • Real-time transaction monitoring & sim card management
  • Works with multiple telecom operators
  • Ensures higher availability since the dynamic hunting of IPs is not required in this case.

LUMA or Lyra Update Manager is a real-time distant POS management tool.

It is combined with the web portal and enables supervision and operation of POS devices/terminals.

Lyra also offers a network optimization tool, OptiNet. It optimizes connections manually or automatically connecting POS to the most efficient mobile network.

Smart EPOS for retail merchants

Lyra Electronic Point of Sales is a mobile application for online payment acceptance.

It eliminates the need for physical POS and fits it into your mobile device.

Well suited for any business, Lyra EPOS enables link and QR-based online payments.