Over time, POS machines have evolved from bulky devices to a device that fits right in your palm.

With the digitization and evolution of technology, today POS machines are also available on mobile devices. But at the heart of the POS is a SIM that offers secured connectivity via SIM cards on a secure & private APN. It is embedded with software that accepts debit and credit cards. POS SIM solutions feature subscription packages to manage the costs and provide the benefit of the quick setup of POS terminals via a web portal. It adds to the speed and ensures a secure transaction, thus combating fraud-related risks. Very rapidly, the SIM solution has established itself as a trusted solution globally as it offers feasibility with regard to POS usage. Moreover, because of the quality of the services provided with the solution, it is spreading its operations wide and fast.

Lyra POS Routing Solution

The simplest route to process and receive all the digital transactions of a business across India, Lyra Network India offers its SIM solution services through multi-brand POS terminal offerings such as GPRS, IP, and 2G / 3G / 4G networks. The solution enables secure routing for payment terminals. With maximum security and reliability, it keeps sensitive data safe. It equips the POS machine with a high-speed truncation process and a real-time transaction tracking system.

Lyra’s POS SIM solution enables merchants with excellent security and uninterrupted connectivity for all POS transactions.

The solution is in compliance with PCI DSS and has a robust SSL/TLS 1.2 encrypted communication channel. Lyra’s POS SIM solution is one of the well-recognized in securing and managing services in India. It also offers dual authentication and enables real-time status monitoring.

Lyra’s POS SIM solution is optimized for different types of connections like GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiFi, LAN, Lyra-secured Switch software, IP, PSTN, M2M, etc.

The management gateway for these connections is offered by Lyra. This gateway facilitates any and every connection type enabling greater advantage for your business. Lyra also offers multi-operator SIM cards that are optimized with POS terminals.

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Lyra’s OptiNet solution:

A great add-on for SIM solutions, Lyra’s OptiNet is a network optimization tool. The tool connects payment terminals and optimizes the connection. OptiNet switches the connection to the most efficient network from the list of available networks, thus enabling an uninterrupted network.


Along with OptiNet, Lyra also offers an application for distant POS management, LUMA. LUMA or Lyra Update Manager is a web portal tool that enables the supervision and operation of POS terminals.

LUMA can be customized as per requirements (wallpaper, logo, text, color) and can be configured/ automated to send and view gateway parameters and other parameters.

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