Seamless customer experience is becoming one of the most important aspects that make your business stand out in the market.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have your grasp on the online imprint.

Online businesses are becoming popular, with the limitless opportunities and the neck-to-neck competition, you have to use innovative ways to leverage the online opportunity to your benefit.

And one such way is to integrate a payment gateway into your e-commerce store/ business website.

Why Payment gateway?

As aforementioned, a seamless customer experience is one of the key points to increase your brand loyalty.

And the customer experience ends with the successful shopping and purchase of the service/product.

So, if your store’s shopping site is built in such a way that not only customers can shop but also can pay for the products/services online then and there it increases the chances of profit for your business.

Payment gateway makes this task easier for you. It is an entity that can accept online payments from the customers on your business’s behalf.

Get to know payment gateway – 

A payment gateway allows the website to accept online payments through multiple channels like net banking, credit and debit cards, etc. It securely transfers payment from the customer’s bank to the merchant’s.

Read more on what is a payment gateway and how it works.

What is Payment Gateway and How does it Work

How a payment gateway can help your business grow and expand?

Teaming up with the payment gateway can be proved to be beneficial in more than just one aspect.

The payment gateway offers a secure flow of transactions and reliable real-time online transactions protecting your business as well as customer’s sensitive financial details. In addition, to provide a seamless transaction flow, it also processes online transactions at a much faster speed.

With a payment gateway integrated with your business website, customers all around the world can visit and shop through your website.

In addition to integration with the website, the payment gateway can also be integrated with the shopping carts.

And when combined with the shopping cart, it provides a more easy and user-friendly experience for customers helping your business expanding the customer base. Integrating payment gateway comes with one more advantage that is availability.

Customers can shop at any time and from anywhere from your online store.

How to get a payment gateway for your store?

Merchants and/or businesses can get on board with financial institutes, banks, payment gateway, or solution providers.

After the completion of KYC and getting the authorization from the respective institute, your business can be integrated with the payment gateway.

But the most important thing to consider while getting on board with the payment gateway is to determine your business and business infrastructure requirements because one wrong move and what can be considered as a boon can easily be an unmanageable bane.

How to choose a payment gateway?

And if you want a tailor-made payment gateway for your business, you just have to sign up with us.

Expand your business above and beyond with Lyra’s Payment Gateway

Lyra’s online payment gateway comes with numerous advantages.

You can get onboard with Lyra within few hours and start accepting online payments. It comes with zero setup fees, the easiest integration, and no maintenance charges.

This secure, user-friendly, and quick online platform enables seamless online payments. It is PCI DSS and 3D secured, SSL layered and offers fraud and risk management modules.

So, a merchant can carry out transactions without any worries and can assure the customer about the same.

One of the most important points while choosing a payment gateway is payment methods. Lyra’s payment gateway offers more than 100 different payment methods including, UPI, internet banking, wallets, credit, debit cards, etc.

Along with all these payment methods, Lyra also offers different payment types like split payments, EMIs, manual, link-based, recurring payments, etc.

The more you know, the more you get – Get to know our Payment gateway and its features.

So, what are you waiting for, with the lowest quote assured, get onboard with Lyra and get a perfect online payment solution to expand your business above and beyond.

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